Contract Packing

Green Tree Warehousing have developed over many years flexible value-added services to meet the changing needs of manufacturers, importers and exporters. We specialise in contract packing services & assembly. Our tailor-made service, based on our experience, can enable integrated, cost-effective solutions to your needs. Of equal significance, our Customer-focused approach to packing services often enables orders to be prepared at short-notice - ironing out any unexpected bumps in your Supply Chain!

Contract Packing & Assembly

services we offer include:-

  • packaging item assembly & sub-assembly, light manufacture;
  • returnable item clean / repair / refurbishment;
  • labelling, blister-packing, sleeving, mail-bagging;
  • product re-work, re-boxing, sorting and collating;
  • item analysis, quality check, test & calibration;

These services can be offered at ‘Fixed Item Rates' to help you budget effectively.

The service would include the most cost-effective warehousing option whether racked, block storage or area rental, Supplier Management and our computerised Inventory Management and reporting.

Supplier Management

  • close liaison with you, your suppliers of components and packaging, and your logistics provider. We can implement your component specification quality control system at point of arrival on new goods and returns.

Inventory Management


  • Computerised stock control via:- universally recognised stock codes, descriptions, specifications, weights, items within cartons etc.
  • Reporting via:- Customer, finished goods / component stock codes, pallet number, multi-product pallets, container, batch, status, history, etc,
  • Operating systems via:- data track & retrieve, pick by location, exceptions log generation, safe order reminder, free stock, despatch order production, integrated invoicing, etc..
  • Just in Time (JIT) inventory control methods and advanced bespoke I.T. systems maintain low inventory levels - avoid stock-outs and inflated over-heads whilst maintaining continuous stock availability.

Reverse Logistics - or Returns Management

  • we help you to plan, implement and control returns of materials, data on movements, back along the supply chain; enabling recapture of value, re-use, recycle or safe disposal of materials.
    Distribution & Logistics
  • through our 3rd party carefully chosen haulage contractors we can arrange movement of goods from next day samples to full vehicles - providing a single reliable management & accounting source.

Green Tree operates as a strategic partner with several Blue Chip Companies and many local importers, exporters and manufacturers - providing key factory supply chain support. We are pro-active in our approach to contingency planning, continuing development of staff, site facilities, and Safety, Health & Environment and waste control issues.