Simba Materials Limited

BendiFollowing analysis of the purchasing patterns of their branches and subsidiaries, Simba and GTW developed a supply chain management plan to enable a cost effective stock control and distribution system. This utilised Green Tree’s order pick and pack and storage facilities in Doncaster, enabling mixed pallets to be sent on a “just in time” basis to Simba’s branches using the discounted pallet network partnership arrangements. Bringing in full pallet loads of the wide range of materials increased discounts and reduced incoming freight costs easily offsetting the storage and distribution package.

Further advantages to Simba were security of supply, control of lead times, increase of sales area at the branches, and the resulting competitive price advantage. “The help of Green Tree has enabled us to grow in turnover without needing to take on larger premises, therefore avoiding the associated increased fixed costs and disruption that would have otherwise resulted.” Louise Lampkin, Exeter Branch Manager